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Visual artist of folk and fairy tales, following and continuing the path of Goethe and Vuk.

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I was born and grew up in a little romantic city in Germany, close to the source of the river Danube, and just like the Danube follows a long, winding bed through Europe, I had a long way before me to fall in love with my roots – with Serbia.

My main goal is to preserve all those legends, myths and poetry by transforming them into paintings, unfolding the full power of nature and love harnessed by Serbian and German tradition.

Epic Tale of Strahinich Ban

The Legend of the Great Man from Banyska Going by the Name of Strahinich and How He Saved the Love of His Life from the Clutches of the Wicked Conquerers

Strahinich Ban

I have created 9 paintings with oil on wood to capture the spirit of medieval folk art especially for this book.

Strahinch Ban Video: Illustrations in motion

Music by Nikola Nikolic, YouTube

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The book has 64 pages and is soft-bound. It costs $ 36 Shipment included.